SInce ACADA, the Arts, Crafts, & Antique Dealer's Association of Nyack, was formed in 1972, we've been committed to the commercial well-being of our village. Our   businesses are community-minded and inspired by the Village of Nyack, and that's evident in the way that we work everyday.

In conjunction with PJ's Promotions, ACADA is the primary organizer of the Famous Nyack Street Fair, held throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall, on Broadway and Main Street in downtown Nyack. A proud home to over 300 hundred vendors, the street fair offers quality handmade crafts, unique gifts, delicious food, home decor, antiques and more. We're proud of our vendors, and our vendors are proud to be out there with us!

ACADA's profits from the street fair go right back to the community, helping to fund tourist outreach and marketing, supporting the efforts of Visit Nyack and improving the landscape in our Village.

Become an ACADA member today, to start your contribution to Nyack's economic well-being. Members also receive preferred rates for Street Fair registration!

If you have any questions about ACADA, please feel free to contact us